How can we give carrot to small children?

 It is very difficult to give carrots to small children but here is an easy way to give them carrots.

Grate the carrot and mix milk in it and boil it, then add sugar. Stir it very well. Sieve it and give it to the kids.

Some of the benefits of carrot are:
  •  It contains a lot of minerals. 
  •  It helps to improve our eyesight. 
  • It contains vitamin A which is very necessary for our body. 
  • Carrots are having antioxidant properties. 
  • It prevents the risk of cancer. 
  • It protects our skin from the radiation of the sun. 
  • It removes the dryness of the body.
  •  It makes our skin glowy. 
  • It removes the wrinkles from our skin.
  •  It controls blood pressure. 
  • For diarrhea, carrot soup is the best soup. 
  • It makes our digestive system stronger as it contains a lot of fiber.
  • It removes the problem of constipation. 
  • It helps to remove worms from children's stomachs.

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