Healthy breakfast


  • 1/2 cup of chopped spinach
  • Salt according to taste
  • Red chili powder according to taste
  • 2 cup of flour


  • Make a proper dough of flour.
  • Wash the chopped spinach and leave it to get dry.
  • Make a ball of dough.
  • Mix salt and red chili powder in the dried chopped spinach.
  • Do the filling of this spinach in the ball of dough.
  • Make it just like normal chapati.

It is a very healthy and yummy breakfast.

 Some of the benefits of spinach are:

  • It helps to lose weight.
  • It is rich in iron.
  • It contains all amino acids.
  • It is very rich in water content.
  • It is rich in fiber.
  • It helps in proper digestion.
  • It is low in calories.
  • It helps to improve metabolism.
  • It is very good for our hair.
  • It helps in the growth of hair.
  • It prevents dandruff.
  • It is a very good medicine for mouth ulcers.
  • It helps to get rid of stomach worms.
  • It acts as magic for our skin.
  • It improves hemoglobin.
  • It is very good for the eyes.
  • It purifies our blood.

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