Significance of Kartik Month

 It is the month that is regarded as the month for prayers and sadhana. It is the topmost month in Hindu's Calendar. According to our ancestors, Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu visit earth during Kartik month. This month also reminds us of the time when Yashoda bound Lord Krishna with rope in his childhood. Any fast during his month will result in positivity for the whole life. Fasting during this month is the best way to make God happy. In this month women used to take bath before sunrise and used to go to the temple.

This month is basically observed in October or November and is dedicated to Lord Krishna. There are so many stories behind this Kartik month.

One of the story is that there was a lady who was very poor and used to fast in Kartik month. When she came back from the temple then she always found a bowl of meal for herself that was given by Lord Krishna. Her neighbour was so jealous that how could she get meal. Then one day she stole her bowl and throw it away. When that poor lady came back from temple she did not found her meal and felt so bad and always asking to God that where was her meal?

The place where the meal was thrown, a tree was grown up having two beautiful flowers. One day king of that area plucked those flowers and gifted to her wife, after smelling those flowers his wife got pregnant and gave birth to two beautiful boys but these boys did not speak at all with anybody.

One day when these two boys were roaming then they met that poor lady and that lady again asking where was her meal then two boys answered that they were her meal. The king was surprised at all this and he requested the poor lady to live with his child.

Everybody thanked to Lord Krishna because they believe that was the magic of Lord Krishna only.

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