How can we give broccoli to children?

All children love junk food. They used to run away from vegetables. Every parent is worried about this situation. How can we give them vegetables?

How can we make tasty vegetables for children?

Which vegetable should we give?

The vegetable like 
broccoli they don't like to eat at all. But it is very necessary for all of us to eat this type of vegetable. The broccoli is very beneficial for us.

Benefits of broccoli :

1. It is having a lot of fiber which helps in digestion and helps in reducing weight also.
2. It has iron which helps to increase immunity.
3. It is having a lot of calcium which helps to strengthen bones.
4. It consists of Vitamin A which helps to maintain good eyesight.
5. It is very beneficial for pregnant ladies.
6. It regulates blood pressure.
7. It is also called an anti-cancer vegetable.
8. It helps to grow hair, makes it shine, and stop hair fall.
9. It is a tonic for our hearts.

Children don't like to eat broccoli. But there are so many ways to give them broccoli.
For eg.
1. Make a vegetable of it using potatoes.
2. Boiled it and make soup of it.
3. Make a sandwich of broccoli.
4. Make a layer of Broccoli on cookies and spread some cheese on it.

In this way, children will love this to eat. Include broccoli in your diet at least twice a week.

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