Wedding of a celebrity

The year 2020 is very bad for all of us and for Bollywood it's too bad. We have lost so many celebrities in 2020. This coronavirus has spoiled the life of all the people. People are waiting for good news and everybody wants to move out. Life is getting boring.No enjoyment has been left in life. We have got stuck in our houses. Children are also locked in their houses. They can not play outside and enjoy themselves. Some people have also canceled their function due to coronavirus.

Now when 2020 is in the end some good news is arriving day by day. The marriages, functions are getting organized by the people and people are taking care of masks, sanitizers everything in the functions also.

There is good news in Bollywood also. There was a rumor that Neha Kakkad and Aditya Narayan are going to get married very soon but now Aditya Narayan will get married to his girlfriend Shweta Aggarwal very soon.
Neha is also getting married to Rohanpreet and after the announcement of Neha's wedding, Aditya has announced his wedding. As we have seen very good chemistry between Neha and Aditya and the public was sure that they will get married. The announcement of Neha's wedding is very shocking for everybody.
Aditya has shared his feelings on Instagram also. Nobody knows what will happen next?

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