Significance of Vijaya Dashmi

 Dus means ten and Hra means take way so we are requesting  Goddess Durga to take away our ten wises. Dussehra comes after the ninth day of Navratri. Navratri means nine nights and we pray to Goddess Durga to remove all the darkness.

Vijaya Dashmi is celebrated by all Hindus. Vijaya Dashmi means the victory of good over evil. Long ago there was a demon named Mahishasur He was very powerful and wanted to conquer the whole universe. He prayed to Lord Brahma so that his all desires could get fulfilled. Lord Brahma got very happy with his prayers and appeared in front of him. Then Mahishasur prayed to Lord Brahma and requested him that no man should be able to kill him all over the world and he was confident a woman could not harm him. After this Mahishasur tortured everyone and nobody was able to control him. But he was confident no woman could harm him.

After this Lord Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh created a woman with all their powers named Durga who was mounted on a lion. With all these powers Durga was ready for a battle with Mahishasur. This battle was continued for nine days.

Finally, Durga killed Mahishasur and the day is celebrated as Vijaya Dashmi. This day is called Dusshera. It is also believed that on this day Lord Rama killed Ravana. On this day Pandavas has completed their Agyatvas.

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