Significance of 8 October

Today is a very important day and so many remarkable days are celebrated today only. People used to celebrate this day with great enthusiasm.

Some of the days that are celebrated on 8 October are:

 Indian Air Force Day: This day is celebrated on 8 October every year and was established by the British Empire in 1932. The lines that were said by Lord Krishna to Arjuna is the motto of Indian Air Force "Nabha Sparsham Deeptam." The mission is to secure Indian Air Space. Our Indian Airforce is the 4th largest airforce all over the world. The Commander-in-chief of the Indian Air Force is the President of India. This day is celebrated all over India with great pride. The main motive is to create awareness among people about the Indian Air Force.

World Octopus Day: This day is celebrated on 8 October 2020. Octopus is eight-armed and this day is dedicated to Octopus only. It is very rare to find Octopus, so this day is celebrated for these distinctive animals on the planet. This day got the importance in 2007 and the person who started this is unknown till now. Octopus is a very intelligent creature with having a very soft body and two eyes, three hearts. Because of its softness, it can squeeze its body very easily. The female Octopus dies after hatching. Octopus are very dangerous for humans.

Pierogi Day: the person who lives in Poland or who has visited Poland definitely knows about Pierogi These are the polish dishes having an excellent flavor and include so many varieties in it. It is believed that when there was a lot of physical work then person used to take Pierogi as it is very energetic, very cheap, and easily available.

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