Navratras are going on and so many used to have fast for 7-8 days. Everybody is conscious of their diet and got worried that what should they eat during fast?

Some of the people are totally dependent on fruits but only fruits do not give satisfaction and people used to feel hungry. This is the festival time so a lot of work is there to do, and for this we need energy. We do not want that because of the fast we feel weak.

Some of the people used to eat Sago(sabudana), which is very healthy and energetic and most of the yummy dishes can be made from Sago and it takes very little time to make them. These dishes are healthy, yummy, and give total satisfaction to us. Sago just looks like the white pearls.

  • Sago is used by all of us.
  •  It has a lot of carbohydrates and helps to gain weight if you eat it regularly. 
  • Sago paste is also used for making pancakes. 
  • It can also be used for making puddings. In place of potato starch, we can use Sago. 
  • In the places where there is a shortage of food there, the Sago is the best source as it is having more calories.it is having a less amount of calcium and iron. 
  • If you take it before exercise then it will be very beneficial for you. 
  • Sago is used as a thickening agent. 
  • It is easily digestible.
  •  The person who is having a problem with constipation must eat Sago. 
  • Sago removes weakness from the body and provides instant energy. 
  • It prevents the risk of heart problems.
  •  It controls cholesterol levels.
  •  It is a cooling agent for the body.
For instant energy, you can eat sago.

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