Magic Of Social Media

 As we all know the social media is very powerful. Social media has merits and demerits both. If social media is a reason for success then it is a reason for failure also. It helps to raise the people or can down the people. If we want to spread something publically we use social media. If we want the people to know about anything we take the help of social media. Like everything has positive and negative points, in the same social media also has some negative and positive points. Social media is very powerful.

As today the whole world is suffering from COVID-19 and markets, businesses are very much down. Restaurants, Dhaba's have no profit at all as nobody wants to go out. We came to know about BABA KA DHABA  and the condition of the people who were running that dhaba. The couple who was running this Dhaba is very old in age and they live separately without their children. This coronavirus has spoiled their life and they do not have a single penny to run their livelihood. With the help of social media only they came into focus and people came to know about their condition and because of humanity, people are helping them. People are coming to this Dhaba and enjoying the food, too much crowd is there.

Social media has helped this Baba Ka Dhaba to raise once again. The Baba Ka Dhaba is getting too much viral nowadays. You can help any person if you found that his condition is not good. 

The Baba Ka Dhaba is situated in Malviya Nagar, so help them and support them. This Dhaba menu is mouth-watering, dishes are delicious.

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