Girls proper age for marriage

The girls are angels in our life. In a previous time when anybody was having a baby girl then the people in the house used to shout and called a baby girl as bad luck, but the goddess Laxmi is also a girl then how people worship her for their wealth. In previous times the girls used to get married at a very little age and they were unknown about the responsibilities of married life.

But slowly the time changes, now the girl is at an equal position with boys. If a parent is having a single girl child then also they are happy and they used to feel very much proud of their girl child. The girls are doing all types of jobs as boys are doing, there is less comparison of girls with boys.

As we all know the right age of marriage for girls is 18 years but at this age, the girls are unable to achieve their goals. They can not fulfill their dreams at this age. They want to study more and want to make their career. They are not mentally set to get married at 18 years of age.

Now the government is deciding to change the age of marriage for girls so that they can fulfill their dreams. A very special thanks to our Prime Minister that he is going to take a very big step for the future of girls.

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