Gift of the government for government employees

 As we all know that the government used to provide LTC to the government employees i.e to the central and state government employees. LTC is provided under a block period which is for four years. In that block period, the employee can demand LTC, it depends on the post whether it will be given of the train route or flight route. In every block year, employees take benefit of this LTC and used to visit some places. This time block year is from 2018 to 2021. They have to show their tickets and have to complete all the formalities to avail LTC.

But during this time due to coronavirus, nobody is able to go out to avail their LTC. 

Should the LTC get waste this time or what will happen?

Every employee is worried about this and to solve their problem the government has decided to give them some gift. The government has decided to give their LTC amount but it will depend on some conditions.

The Finance Minister Nirmala Sita Raman has announced about LTC and festival advance for the central government employees.

The government will provide the festival advance of Rs 10000/- and it will be returned in 10 installments by the employees.

To get LTC employee has to spend three times on goods/services, digital payment should be there and the employee has to show the GST bill. They have to show this before 31 March 2021.

These conditions will be applicable to private employees also.

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