Navratras are going on and people are fasting during these days. People used to fast for 7-8 days and they have to eat only the food that is for fast only. There are so many things to eat by which we can satisfy ourself but people also want that they don't want to gain weight during these fast. It is very difficult to eat fruits only for 7-8 days. They can eat so many things like chips, potatoes, sabudana, etc.

There is another option of Amaranth(cholai) which can be taken during fast. Amaranth laddoo is also available in the market. You can also mix these laddoos in your curd as it is very healthy and it gives satisfaction to your stomach.

There are lots of benefits of Amaranth, some of them are:

  • It is full of nutrients, proteins, vitamins, minerals. 
  • One cup of Amaranth contains 26gm of protein that is sufficient for our body.
  •  It is very beneficial for our hair. 
  • It makes our hair strong and stops hair fall.
  •  Amaranth is gluten-free.
  •  It is having a lot of fiber and very good for people who are having a high level of cholesterol. 
  • A person having high blood pressure must take Amaranth.
  •  It is having antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. 
  • It reduces the risk of cancer.
  •  It is very beneficial for diabetic patients. 
  • A person having a problem with Asthma must take Amaranth. It removes the problem of eye disorders.
  •  It removes the toxins from our body. 
  • It contains Vitamin A which is very good for the eyes. 
  • It removes the dryness of the cornea.
  •  It contains a lot of calcium which makes our bone strong. 
  • It helps in weight loss. 
  •  It reduces the risk of heart stroke.
  •  It removes the swelling from the body. 
  • You can also make vegetables from Amaranth

Do not take it in excess.

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