Wow! Such a nice scholarship

 As we all know the students that are living in urban areas or in unprivileged areas are unable to attend online classes on time during this epidemic. They are lacking behind in their studies. They have no sufficient things available to attend online classes. Some of the parents trying their best efforts so that their children can attend the classes. Some persons are helping these peoples a lot.

It's about the future of the children so parents are very worried about the classes. This coronavirus has spoiled life and till now no medicine is there but children have to study for their future.

What will the poor people do in such a situation?

They have no money, no arrangements for their kids to make them efficient learners with the help of online classes.

But the truth is there when nobody is there to help us god will help us in his own way.

God has sent Sonu Sood for these people.

Sonu Sood is helping the people a lot during this epidemic. He will help the poor people in any manner. He will provide them everything.

He launched a scholarship in his late mother's name Professor Saroj Sood.

His mother was used to teach the children in Punjab free of cost. He is doing a great job for these people. Now the unprivileged children will also be able to get an education. He has helped so many people. He is such a nice person. Nobody has come out to help the people during this epidemic, he is the only person who did this. He helped the people financially also.

The scholarship will be available for different courses. Students whose family income is less then Rs2lakh can apply for the scholarship and the condition is that their academic record should be good.

Hats Off to you Sonu Sood Sir.

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