Student entrance exam during this epidemic

 As we all know the government has started the metro after a few months. The whole world is suffering from coronavirus. Nobody is moving out until and unless some important work is there.

The business, markets all are getting down. The government is unable to decide regarding the opening of schools.

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Now the government has decided to conduct a competitive examination on Sunday 13 Sept 2020. On that day the metro will run from morning 6:00a.m.

The government is giving a guarantee that traveling in a metro is totally safe. But will it be safe when lots of students will travel in a metro?

Will it be safe for students to appear in an examination?

We don't know whether the school will be sanitized or not. The students will be safe in the metro or not.

So many questions are there that are arising in our minds.

How the government will manage too much crowd in a metro?

How the teachers will manage these students in schools?

Teachers are also afraid of going to school at this time. The schools are not at all safe for students.

They will touch the benches, worksheets. They will travel and don't know how many of them taking precautions.

We know that it's very necessary to conduct the exam but is it necessary at this time?

We all are not safe outside at all. How much precaution can a single person take?

Are you all agree that the exam should be conducted?

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