Stressed parents

  Today the whole world is suffering from COVID-19. Nobody is going out of the home unless and until some necessary work is there. Schools, colleges are closed. Physical work has lost somewhere. Students are attending online classes. But slowly the government is in an action to open everything. People are doing work from home but whose official work can not be done after sitting at home then they have to go out for earnings.

The students are attending online classes and sitting in front of the laptop for 5-6 hours. This is affecting their health also. Their physical activities got totally finished. They are suffering a lot and their base in studies is also getting down weak. They are not able to get everything in online studies but we know that in today's scenario we don't have any solution.

Students are learning daily and they are getting homework also but they are also tired of online studies. No solution is there except this at least everybody is trying best for their future.

It the responsibility of the parents to check classwork as well as homework. There is too much burden of work. Office work is also there and these online studies have increased the burden a lot. Nowadays parents are full busy with their kids.

In the morning they have to sit with them for online classes and in the evening they have to sit with them for their homework as well as classwork.

And now half-yearly exams are going to start and the syllabus for exams is too much. How children will be able to cover this much syllabus?

Parents are so stressed how will they prepare their child for an online exam with too much of a syllabus.

We all are worried about the exams. But a few tips are here that can be understood by parents:

  • Please understand your child.
  • Don't compare them with other students.
  • Don't give them too much stress.
  • Children require your time and attention.
  • Its the duty of the parents to check whether everything in the study material everything is available with them or not.
  • Make a timetable for them.
  • They need your support.
  • Help them, raise them, don't compare them.

Don't take the stress and keep your mind cool so that you can help your child in their studies.

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