Significance of Hindi Diwas

Significance of Hindi Diwas: Hindi was adopted as an official language by the Constituent Assembly Of India on 14 September 1949. It was just a very proud moment for India and it was written in Devanagari Script. Hindi as a national language was first recommended by Gandhiji in 1918. Hindi is our mother language. Hindi is used in most of the countries for communication. This day is celebrated in schools, offices. Hindi is used by many people as their primary language. Hindi is the form of Sanskrit. We celebrate Hindi Diwas to give respect to our mother language. Some events are also organized on this day. But the new generation doesn't understand the importance of the Hindi language.

Hindi became the official language and credit goes to the efforts of some people. Writing competitions, essay competitions, poem competitions used to get organized in the school on this day.

On this day a function used to held in Delhi Vigyan Bhavan and our President used to give awards to the people who have contributed a lot in the Hindi language

Just pick a Hindi book of your choice and read it on this day. Hindi is a language that is spoken by so many people. Normally more of the people understands the Hindi language.

The Hindi language is our identity. Small kids got very excited about Hindi Diwas because they get a chance to participate in Hindi competitions. Small plays are also organized in schools on this day. Everybody used to give respect to the Hindi language in their own way.

But today due to coronavirus today schools are closed. No events were organized today but teachers have organized some online competitions for students.

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