Side Effects Of Immunity Booster

 Today the whole world is suffering from COVID-19. The person is moving out only for their needs. Children are attending online classes. Everybody is doing so many things to protect themselves from coronavirus.

Everybody is trying to boost their immunity so that they can be safe from coronavirus. Some of them are trying kadha recipes and some people used to take it on daily basis.

Kadha is good for our body but our body does not allow the regular intake of kadha. The recipe to make Kadha is very easy.

For the recipe of Kadha click on the below link:


Side effects of excess intake of Kadha:

  • Excess use of ginger in Kadha can affect your digestion system.
  • Excess intake of Kadha can harm your liver.
  • There can be acidity problems and burning sensations.
  • Don't use excess honey in Kadha, it is not good for diabetic patients.
  • It can cause a problem in passing urine.
  • It can cause bleeding from the nose.
  • It can cause boils in the mouth.
  • You can feel too much thirsty
  • There can be irritation in the throat.

Try to take kadha early in the morning.

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