School fee

 Today the whole world is suffering from COVID-19. Nobody is going out of the home unless and until some necessary work is there. Schools, colleges everything is closed. Physical work has lost somewhere. Students are attending online classes. But slowly the government is in an action to open everything. People are doing work from home but whose official work can not be done after sitting at home then they have to go out for earnings.

The markets, businesses are very down. Everything has been lost. The economy has been down due to coronavirus. It is affecting the earning of the people also.

After that school is demanding for fee again and again. Some people are facing too many problems while paying the fees. Some schools are also demanding extra charges like annual charges.

But if the market is down, no earning is there then how is it possible to pay the fees?

But if we don't pay the fees then school authorities call again and again. But to make our child educated we have to pay the fees but its a request not to raise the fee. The people are doing a lot of effort while paying the fee.

The students are attending online classes and sitting in front of the laptop for 5-6 hours. This is affecting their health also. Their physical activities got totally finished. They are suffering a lot and in some part, their base in studies is also getting down weak. They are not able to get everything in online studies but we know that in today's scenario we don't have any solution but not to raise any other charges. If a person continuously pays all the charges then where will he go?

But thanks to our government that it has declared very strictly that schools will not charge any additional fee other than tuition fees. Now it is relaxed to people that they have to pay only tuition fees.


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