Life of a women

 Today the whole world is suffering from COVID-19. No medicine, no vaccine is there till now. The children are attending online classes. They started their classes in the morning and till the afternoon they used to sit in front of the laptop.

They got off only on Saturday and Sunday. But sitting in front of a laptop is affecting their health, eyes.

The women are working continuously. There is no off for them. They have to wake up early in the morning every day and usually, they got late to sleep at night because of their household work. Most of the women are working and with their work also they are managing household work and taking care of their children's online studies.

And the lockdown has increased the burden of work on them. They have to sit with their kids to attend their online classes. They have to understand each and everything. And during this epidemic, the tongue taste has been increased because nobody wants to eat outside so everything should be made in the home kitchen only.
They have to prepare breakfast, lunch, dinner, attend classes with their kids, helps in completing their homework and classwork, prepare their assignments, do their project work, full time busy.
If a mother is working then the condition goes totally changed. She has to do double work.
Its role of a woman that she has to manage everything. This is the story of every woman in the world.
So a woman can't do everything alone. Her family support is always there. She is incomplete without her family. So she is doing everything for her family. A woman has so many responsibilities but with the help of family support only she is managing her responsibilities. God has made women very strong from the inside.

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