How to travel in a metro during this epidemic?

The whole world is suffering from COVID-19 and till now no vaccination is produced. Everybody is suffering a lot. Markets have fallen down. Physical activities have gone away. Children have to sit in front of laptops for classes.

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How this corona has affected the lives of children?

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The cases are arising daily. But until what extent people will sit at home? 

They have to go out for their earnings. Now the government is going to start the metro from 7 September2020 that was closed from April2020.

Is traveling in a metro safe?

What precaution should we take while traveling in a metro?

So many questions are arising in our mind, the solution to some of these questions are stated below:

  • The use of metro cards and the mask is mandatory.
  • There will be a total ban on tokens.
  • The number of passengers will be limited in each coach.
  • The train will stop at some stations only.
  • Hand sanitizers will be provided at metro stations.
  • Slowly all the stations will get open.
  • At the stations, a thermal check will be done.
  • There will be the timing for the metro.
  • Metro will not run on a whole day.
  • After each travel, the metro will get sanitized.
  • Passengers will have to show their Arogaya Setu app.
  • If a person will find without a mask then he should fined.

Always cover your face with a mask and carry sanitizer with you while traveling in metro and maintain social distancing.

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