How the coronavirus came?

 As we know that coronavirus has spoiled our life. Everybody is sitting at home and doing their work. Students are attending online classes. The routine of life got totally disturbed because of coronavirus.

Till now we used to think that this virus has come from China but now a new truth is there regarding coronavirus.

 According to the Chinese scientist Le MengYan, only China is responsible for COVID-19. China could do so many things to prevent the spread of coronavirus but China didn't do anything. She said that this virus has been made in the Wuhan lab. She said that she is having scientific proof for this virus.

She said that during the investigation on Pneumonia in Wuhan, she came to know about coronavirus and she informed about this but there was no response at all.

She said that this virus has not produced from nature and she will prove this and according to her if this virus gets spread it will be very difficult to control it. It is a life-threatening virus for the people. She is hiding in the United Stated and worried about her safety.

As we can see that today this virus is spreading all around the world and has taken so many lives. This is very dangerous. We constantly in a habit of using masks and sanitizers but are we safe or not?

For our necessary works, we have to travel also bu there is too much risk in traveling. We can't enjoy outside because of the fear of coronavirus.

God, please save us from coronavirus.

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