Hats off to the teachers

  Today the whole world is suffering from COVID-19 an infection or a disease that has no medicine till now. It has totally spoiled the life of the people, the routine got totally disturbed. It has an impact on physical health also. Students are attending online classes, sitting in front of a laptop for 5-6 hours. The base in their studies is getting weaker but teachers are trying their best. Children can not go outside as home is the safest place for them. They are sitting at home only. Some of the students are taking online tuitions also.

It is a very difficult job that teachers are performing their job during this time only for the career of the students. Teachers are managing everything. They are giving lots of time to students. They are taking out time for the students from their household work after there at home only.

The teachers are sharing the work with the students from time to time. A proper time table is there for the students as there is in school. Teachers used to take tests during their classes. They are also providing the assignments so that students can do more practice.

We know it a very difficult task to teach the student online, but hats off to all the teachers that they are teaching the students. The technology has helped us a lot during these online studies otherwise the students will become dumb in studies.

Some teachers also don't know how to teach online but for the future of the students, they are doing everything.

Respect all the teachers.

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