Effect of corona virus on coaching centers

 A disease or infection has spread all around the world and all the people are facing lots of problems. Due to this coronavirus, everybody is sitting at home. The market is going too much down. It affects the income of the person. The business is not going higher and higher. The children are attending online classes after sitting in front of the laptop for 4-5 hours. The parents have to sit with their children for their online classes. The small children are unable to understand the online class concept.

When there was no fear of coronavirus students used to attend the tutions in coaching centers after their school but now in the morning they are attending their school classes online then after that in the evening parents don't want their child to attend online tutions also. They are affecting their eyes and their health. As the physical work has gone somewhere so they don't want their kid to sit in front of a laptop for the whole day.

But where the should coaching center owners or teachers go for their earnings. They are suffering a lot. Some of the people are facing hand to mouth situation.

 What the government is doing for them?

The government is thinking of their profits only in any manner. How should they get their monthly amount? If earning of the family is managed by coaching centers only then in today's situation what will they do?

As we know nobody cant sit at home, they have to go out for their earnings. But the situation has been totally changed. There are no jobs outside. So how will the coaching centers manage?

Only the students who are in so much need are attending online tutions but in this, the number of students is very less.

Please comment in the comment section that what can be done for the coaching centers?

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