Double testing of COVID-19

Double testing of COVID-19: Recently in India, we are observing that cases of coronavirus are increasing day by day. People are getting worried about the increased number of cases. But according to our chief minister, nothing is to be worried. In the last few days, the testing of coronavirus was stopped in some hospitals, and the amount of testing was very high due to which the patients were not able to go for the testing. But now the testing of coronavirus has been doubled means in a single day the patients tested for corona was 20000 but now it is 40000.

According to him if a patient founds positive in testing then there will be no worries at all, in some symptoms also it comes positive then the patient has to take care of themselves. He does not want the increase in the number of death cases, but he wants the safety of the public.

He said that people are becoming very careless. They are moving without masks and are not using sanitizer. He is requesting all the people if they have fever, cold, cough so go for COVID-19 testing, and don't be afraid of it. It is for your and your family safety.

 He requested all the people to wear masks and don't move out unnecessarily from their houses. According to him, every life is very important so he is trying to save every life. There is no shortage of beds at all. He has also converted some banquet halls into hospitals. He is having a trust for all the doctors. And if he founds the shortage of beds then he is having a plan for that also. So not to get worried at all after seeing the increased cases. Everything is there for public safety only.

But safety is in our hands only.


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