Corona vaccine is ready

The whole world is suffering from COVID-19 and all of us are waiting for the vaccine of coronavirus. The coronavirus has changed life. The routine of life is totally disturbed now. It has taken so many lives of the people. Children's online studies are affecting their health.

Russia was trying to produce the coronavirus vaccine as soon as possible. For more details click on the below link: 

 Russia is ready with its vaccine named Sputnik Vand agrees to give 100 million doses of Sputnik V to India.

Now the clinical trials of this vaccine will be conducted in India.

But this vaccine has clinically approved in Russia and it has shown positive results. Putin claimed that the dose of this vaccine was given to his daughter and positive results were there. This vaccine boosts immunity.

Now, WHO is discussing with Russia about this vaccine. WHO wants to check whether the vaccine is purely safe or not but according to Putin the vaccine is safe. This will have no side effects.

Russia declared that Russia is ready to fight against coronavirus. It is the first country to develop a vaccine of coronavirus.

Now India has to check this vaccine so that we can also get this vaccine and people can fight against coronavirus.

If the vaccine will have successful results then we will definitely win the race and our life come to our normal routine.

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