Corona medicine is here

 As today the crucial time is going on, everybody is facing lots of difficulties. This coronavirus has spoiled the life of the people.No body can go outside because everybody is having fear of coronavirus. Everybody has to use a mask and sanitizers.

Nobody can go out to the park for walking. Physical activities have lost somewhere. Children are attending classes at home. Everybody is worried about the future of the children so online classes are going on.

Markets, business is totally down this time. There are no jobs outside. Travelling has become a very difficult part of life. Everybody wants to eat something outside but this coronavirus has spoiled that also. Nobody is ready to eat anything outside because fear is there.

Here is an example of Sukhdev Dhaba. For more details click on the link below:


If a patient is corona positive then he has to quarantine himself at home. Nobody will come in touch with him. If body ache is there, throat is not well, or having a fever then the person must go for a corona test. According to doctors, corona can also be spread by touching also. The kids and senior citizens and the person with low immunity are under more risk of the corona.

If a person's condition is out of control then he has to get admitted to the hospital and the government is showing the results of patients recovered from coronavirus.

But if till now there is no medicine, no vaccine then how the patients are getting recovered from coronavirus.

Are the reports of coronavirus fake?

Are they making people fool?

Are they making their own money?

What is the truth?

Nobody knows the truth, but if the medicine is here ten please provide it to the public, disclosed it. And if no medicine is there then how recovery is possible?

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