Corona Virus in Chennai

Today the whole world is suffering from coronavirus. No one can go outside for physical activities. Children can not go outside. They have to attend online classes at home only. It is affecting their physical health too much but no option is left.

How coronavirus is affecting children, to know about this click on the below link:


Some countries have also imposed lockdown in April-May 2020 so that people remain safe from coronavirus but this is not the solution. Now slowly everything is getting open for e.g malls, markets, offices, etc.

In the hospital the shortage of beds is there for COVID patients for this the government is changing some banquet halls to hospitals.

The government in each and every country is taking precautionary measures against coronavirus but after that also the cases of coronavirus are rising. 

From the last few days, the cases of coronavirus in Tamil Nadu have increased. During this time hospitals in Chennai are struggling too much. There are no beds available for the patients and the person who has admitted to the hospital is facing a bill of huge amounts. This is very shocking that how a person can pay this much bill.

Now a very good idea the Chennai police are using, they are using the corona helmet to create awareness among people so that they can protect themselves from coronavirus. This is a very nice and effective idea.

Always wear a mask and use sanitizer to protect themselves from coronavirus. It is rising at a very high speed. But nobody can sit at home as an ideal person so everybody is going out for earnings.

The government is also trying to find out a vaccine for coronavirus. 

For more details about vaccination click on the below link:


We hope that we will get the vaccine for coronavirus very soon.


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