Are you superstitious?

 Most of the people are superstitious. Are you among them? My mother believes if a black cat crosses your way that is bad luck, if someone calls you when you are going somewhere it's bad luck if somebody sneezes when you are going out its a bad luck. 

To know more about superstition click on the link below. This video will show you some of the superstitions.

video on superstition

Is it true that number 13 is unlucky? The person whose birthday falls on the 13 of any month that means he is unlucky. It's just a number, we don't have any right to decide whether it is lucky or unlucky.

So many superstitions are there and some of them are based on religions. Some superstitions have scientific reasons also. Many superstitions are very common today. There are lots of numbers that are avoided in the international floors.

But do you believe in them?

People from generation to generation believe in these superstitions. Nowadays Adhik Mass is going on and during this month lots of superstitions arise in people's minds. People used to believe giving things in the temple will bring good to them but can't they provide the food or anything to the poor or hungry people. At least they will give some blessings to them.

At home, people used to say don't waste money or don't buy so many things and now they are ready to spend money on the temple, is this ok?

Can't they provide shelters to the poor people if they really want to do something?

Some of the superstitions are:

  • After sunset does not sweep: People believe that if you sweep after sunset then Goddess Laxmi will get angry.
  • During eclipse pregnant women can not go outside: People believe that it can harm the child but basically, the reason is to protect the child from harmful radiation.
  • If your hair falls here and there in the house then there can be a fight: But we can say that hair is coming from outside when the wind blows.
  • Breaking mirrors can be bad luck: In ancient times mirrors were very costly so this rumor or superstition was there to save the mirrors.
  • If there is itching in your left hand them money will come.
  • If you hand lemon and chili in front of your shop then it will protect you from bad powers but the truth is that it will protect your shop from insects.
  • Do not cut your nails after sunset: In ancient times there was no light so it was advised not to cut nails in the evening.
So many superstitions are there and many people believe in these superstitions.
Do you believe in them?
Comment me which superstition do you believe and why?

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