Are you in favor of the opening of schools or not?

 Today the whole world is suffering from COVID-19 an infection or a disease that has no medicine till now. It has totally spoiled the life of the people, the routine got totally disturbed. It has an impact on physical health also. Students are attending online classes, sitting in front of a laptop for 5-6 hours. The base in their studies is getting so much weaker. Some concepts are not getting clear in these online studies. Parents are also suffering a lot.

They have to sit with their kids during their online classes. They have to take care of the completion of their classwork as well as homework. But during this time we don't have any solution. In this way only we are taking care of our children.

Children can not go outside as home is the safest place for them. They are sitting at home only. Some of the students are taking online tuitions also.

Are you in favor of the opening of schools or not?

The government is unable to take any decision about the opening of schools. Parents are also worried about this matter. If the schools will get open the children will be safe or not?

Small children do not know anything about social distancing, then how will they manage themselves. The same tap will be used by so many children to wash their hands. Is it safe?

The same washroom will be used by so many children. It will be a very big risk for their health.

They don't know that they don't have to share their meals. To which extent the teacher will take care. There are so many children in the school or in a single class there are around 40-45 students. How a teacher will take care of all students?

The children also want to play in the school but in today's time how a teacher will handle this?

It is very difficult to make small children aware of all these things. Till now there is no medicine, no vaccination of coronavirus then how the children will be safe in school?

To reach schools students have to use conveyance, it is not possible for parents to pick and drop their child daily. Are these conveyance safe for the children?

If the conveyance is not there then how the parents will manage?

In today's time, our children are safe at home only as we are taking care of them to fight against coronavirus.

But in schools, until now there is no safety for the students.

The government is taking decision to open school from 21September 2020 for senior students i.e IX to XII but is it safe for them. Although the senior students know everything about social distancing and coronavirus but then also they are not safe.

Please mention in a comment whether you are in a favor of opening the schools or not?

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