A precious gift of God

 The whole world is suffering from coronavirus and till now no medicine no vaccine is here. Some people are facing the hand to mouth condition. Businesses and markets are totally down nowadays. Some people are not able to get any food for their lives.

When the lockdown was there people were unable to reach their home. They were lying on the roads. The situation was very bad. No transport was there so how could they reach their home.

Then a God sent a precious gift to help these peoples. His name is Sonu Sood. He is a great personality and a famous celebrity. He provided the food to these hungry people. He helped them so that they could easily reach their homes. He is not MLA nor a very big businessman, he has done everything for humanity only.

The government is also helping people in their own way. And Sonu Sood is helping the people by providing them shelters and food.

He has announced a scholarship for underprivileged people. 

For more details click on the below link


Lots of people are giving a blessing to him. He is such a great person. He is doing such a nice job. Helping others is a very big task.

Thank You So Much Sonu Sir.

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