Which mango should we eat?

 Mango is the king of all fruits. It is a very tasty and delicious fruit. It is liked and loved by all of us. Ripe mangoes are yellow in color and raw mangoes are green in color. Mangoes are very rich in vitamins. Summers are incomplete without mangoes. There are so many types of mangoes available in the market. People used to buy mangoes according to their taste. Children also love mangoes too much. So many things can be made from mango and we generally try to make so many yummy things from mangoes.

So here is a detail of some types of mangoes:

1. Alphonso: This is also called Ratnagiri. Alphonso is the king of all mangoes.

2. Kesar: This is an expensive variety of mango with red color on it. It is very sweet in taste.

3. Dasheri: This name is derived from the name Dashehari, a village in Lucknow. It is very rich in taste.

4. Amrapali: It is a hybrid variety of  Dasheri.and Neelum.It has a taste just like Dasheri and it is proper yellow in color.

5. Langra: It is mainly found in Uttar Pradesh.

6. Himsagar: It is very much popular in Bengal. It is very yummy and delicious in taste and has a very small size.

7. Banganapalli: It is also known as Safeda and has a commercial variety of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. It is famous all over India. It is very big in size.

8. Chausa: Its seedling is originated from Uttar Pradesh but very much famous in Bihar. Its taste is very yummy.

9. Malika: It is a hybrid variety of Neelam and Dasheri

10.Suvernarekha: This is a commercial variety of Andhra Pradesh. It is very small in nice and very delicious in taste.

Enjoy these varieties of mangoes.

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