Vrindavan ki lassi

 As lassi is loved by all and there is no comparison of the kullad lassi of Vrindavan. During this time we are not able to go to Vrindavan as it is not safe to go over there. Lassi is famous all over India . But how can we enjoy this lassi?

So just try to make it at home by following these steps:

Ingredients to make lassi

  • 400 gm Curd
  • 8 Tables spoon sugar
  • 2 tablespoon kewra essence
  • Crushed ice


  • Take curd in a utensil.
  • Add sugar in that curd.
  • Mix it very well.
  • Serve it in a kullad.
  • Add kewra essence after serving.
Our sweet lassi is ready. Lassi can be salty or sweet in taste. It depends on you which type of lassi you like most. If we drink lassi we also think about the benefits of lassi.

So, here are some benefits of lassi:

  • It is having the benefits of milk.
  • It makes our body cool.
  • It makes our body hydrated.
  • It maintains blood pressure.
  • It is very good for stomach problems.
  • It makes the bones strong.
  • It boosts immunity.
  • It is good for the hairs also.
  • It helps in digestion.

Enjoy lassi and stay healthy.

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