Jai Shree Ram

Our Lord Shri Ram was born in Ayodhya but due to some disputes, no Ram temple was there in Ayodhya.

What were the disputes?
What happened to that land of Ayodhya?
What was the history behind this?

So, here is the complete history behind this Ram Mandir:

In 1528 Babri mosque was built. The people staying over there was believed that this mosque was built after the destruction of Ram mandir. There was a fight between Hindu and Muslim from 1853 to 1859.
To stop this war British govt came in between and said that they would divide this area into two parts i.e the inner part would be used by Muslims and the outer part would be used by Hindus. In 1885 this matter reached court when Raghubir Das Ji tried to construct the outer part. In 1949 the statue of Lord Rama was placed in the main part of the mosque. After this, that area was closed by the government, and the entry of Hindu and Muslims were banned. To remove this banned so many civil cases were filed.
In 1950 Mahant Ram Chandra Das has filed a case for Right to worship
In 1959 Nirmohi Akhara filed a case that they should get the possession of the whole area.
In 1961 SunniWaqf Board filed a case that they should get the possession of Babri Masjid.
Vishwa Hindu Parishad made a committee for Ram Mandir.
A result was out in 1986 against the filed cases in which the court of Faizabad gave permission to Hindus to perform their customs and rituals in this mosque.
After this decision, Muslims made their own committee named as Babri Masjid  Action Committee.
In 1989 again a case was filed named as Ram Lalla Virajman
In 1990 Mr. Adwani began a Rath Yatra from Somnath in Gujarat to  Ayodhya. After that the situation got too tensed and Mr.  Adwani got arrested in Bihar.
In 1991 the UP government tried to control the disputes.
On 6 December 1992 demolition of  Babri Masjid took place.
The people made a temporary Ram Mandir in that place.
On 16 December1992 Liberhan committee was appointed to find that who was responsible for the demolition of the mosque.
At that time congress government was there and they decided that there would be a Ram mandir, a Masjid, A library but the BJP government was strongly opposed to this.
In 2002 at the time of the BJP government, they decided that Hindu Muslims should find a solution for this. A case was appointed in Allabhad Court and court-appointed an archaeological survey of India to investigate all the things.
According to ASI in the 12th Century in this area, there was a temple and in 1528 in this area, a mosque was built, so according to people and this report, the masjid was built after the destruction of the temple.
On 30 Sept 2010, the Allahabad court made a decision that the whole part would be divided into three parts i.e 
The portion of Ram murti was given to Ram Lalla Virajman.
The second portion of Sita Rasoi, Store Room, Ram Chabutra was given to Nirmohi Akhara.
And the remaining was given to Sunni Waqf Board.
Now on 9, May 2011 Supreme court banned the orders of Allahabad Court
There were 32 appeals in the Supreme court against the decision of the Allabhad court and the Supreme court said that hearing would start from January 2019.
After all hearing in the Supreme court, it was decided that 2.77 Acre area was given to Ram Lalla virajman and 5 Acre would be given to Sunni Waqf Board.

Now today Ram Mandir is going to establish. In Ayodhya, there should be a temple of Lord Rama.

Some lines are there for this
 "har cheez ka waqt ata hein 
der se hi sahi, uper wla sahi rasta dikhata hein."


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