How to lose belly fat?

 Everybody wants to look fit and slim, but nobody has time to do exercise. Not everybody can keep themselves on diet as they have to skip their favorite things. So what should we eat or drink to stay fit, healthy, and slim?

Can a cup of tea help us to stay healthy, fit, and slim?

You can make a variety of tea. To know some recipes of tea click on the below link:


Tea helps to increase the fat-burning process. Fat gets broken down with the help of tea.

Some of the recipes of tea are there to lose belly fat:

Honey Lemon Tea: This tea helps the fat to burn very fast. Lemon is good for the liver. It is good for digestion.


Half lemon

One tablespoon of honey

One cup of warm water


Take lemon juice in a cup.

Add honey in that cup.

Add warm water.

Stir it.

Honey lemon tea is ready. Drink it, enjoy it, and stay healthy.

Lemon zest tea: Lemon zest has more vitamins than lemon juice. This tea helps to boost metabolism. It boosts our immunity and promotes digestion. It is very good for bones and heart. It fights against constipation.


Half teaspoon of lemon.

Half teaspoon of ginger juice

1 Clove

Pinch of Cinnamon

One cup of water


Grate the lemon and remove the zest.

Boil the water.

Add all ingredients.

Boil it for 2-3 minutes.

Strain it.

Drink this tea and enjoy the benefits of this tea.

Honey Tea


One cup of water

One piece of cinnamon

Half teaspoon chopped ginger

Half teaspoon of honey


Pour water in a pan.

Boil it.

Add ingredients.

Boil it for 2-3 minutes.

Strain it.

Add honey into it.

Enjoy the healthy drink.

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