Daily Dose Of Smile

Daily Dose Of Smile: Whenever you communicate with anyone facial expression is the most important part of that, while communicating you can not see your facial expressions but then also you have to be in a smiling mood. Smile is life. Children smile 400 times a day. Adults smile 20 times a day.
 There are many benefits of a smile. Some of them are:
  • Smile boosts our immune system
  • It lowers the blood pressure
  • Smile is the uniform expression of all humans.
  • A smile helps with making friends very easily.
  • Smile is a very important part of our life.
  • Smile keeps us stress-free.
  • Smile keeps us tension free.
  • Smiling makes us positive and a positive person takes a positive decision.
  • Smile is a medicine for our bodies.
  • The smile helps to all-round development.
  • The smiling face is liked and loved by all.
  • In every situation, we must smile.
  • Smilie has a very positive effect on our body.
  • Smile is the first facial expression.
  • A person who smiles more has a longer life.
  • The smile helps us to keep our heart healthy.
  • People who smile can have more success in life.
  • Smile prevents depression.
  • Smile refreshes your mood.
  • The smile makes your mind relaxed.
  • Smile increases attractiveness, irrespective of your looks.
  • Smile keeps the person physically and mentally healthy.

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