Daily Dose Of Copper Water

Daily Dose Of Copper Water: Drinking water is very essential for our body. Most people are using RO to purify the water but our ancestors used to store the water in a Copper utensil which has been proven very beneficial. This was the natural purification method. If the water is stored in Copper utensils all the bacteria present in the water will get naturally killed. Store the water in the Copper utensil for a night or at least for four hours to get the pure water. Everybody knows that the Copper is very essential for our body and it is the best way to give Copper to our body, as copper kills the germs of our body, removes body toxins. Copper is antifungal as well as antioxidant. It is a great anti-microbial agent. If the water is stored in a copper vessel for a night and you take 2-3 glasses of that water your body will get enough copper.

 There are some benefits of drinking copper water:

1. It kills all the bacteria that are present in the water.
2. It helps to maintain the digestive system healthy. It removes toxins from the body.
3. It helps in the proper function of the liver and kidneys.
4. It helps in the loss of weight.
5. It keeps our heart healthy.
6. It helps to control blood pressure.
7. It helps to maintain the skin healthy.
8. It helps to heal wounds quickly.
9. It helps to beat anemia.
10. It helps to fight inflammation.
11. It helps in the regulation of the thyroid gland.
12. It improves the flow of blood and lowers the risk of plague.
13. It stimulates the brain.
14. It slows down aging.

Drink at least 2-3 glasses of Copper water daily, make it a part of your daily routine. It is easy to clean the copper vessel, use lemon to clean it. Don't rub too much inside the vessel otherwise its Copper content can be diminished. It will be very healthy if you drink it daily.

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