Buck wheat flour

Buck Wheat Flour: As Janmashtami is approaching and we generally have a fast on that day and we use buckwheat flour. This flour is mainly used by us during our fast. It is not everywhere in India. It is found at some place of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh ad Uttrakhand. It is having antioxidant properties.
It is mainly used by us during our fast. It is full of minerals. It contains a lot of fiber.

Some benefits of Buck Wheat are:

  • It helps in weight loss.
  • It is having low calories.
  • It is full of protein and makes you energetic.
  • It reduces the cholesterol level.
  • It is very beneficial for diabetic patients.
  • It reduces the risk of stroke.
  • It is very good for health.
  • It reduces the risk of cancer.
  • It reduces the risk of breast cancer.
  • It is very good for asthma patients.
  • It is very beneficial for bones.
  • It acts as tanning lotion and very beneficial for our skin.
  • It makes our hair strong and stops hair fall.
  • It totally affects your mood and brings happiness and positivity to your mood.
  • It controls the formation of bile acid in the liver.
But is should not be consumed on daily basis on in summers. It is not liked by all the people. But it is not a bad thing if you consumed it once a week. This quantity is sufficient for us.

Always use fresh Buckwheat flour, if you use the old one you can have the problem of food poisoning. So be aware of this thing.

You can make so many things from buckwheat i.e roti of buckwheat, pakode of buckwheat, chilla of buckwheat.

So enjoy your fast and take buckwheat.


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