Yoga Vs Gym - Shilpa Shetty Vs Salman Khan

As our ancestors used to say " Sharir swasth to sab swasth" and today we all are following this.
Everybody wants to stay fit, looks young, so some of them are doing yoga and some of them are joining gyms.
Both have their positive and negative points. But to stay fit we have to do something.


1.  Yoga is very beneficial for our body. It is an ideal exercise to mind and body.
2.  Yoga helps to create a peaceful and calm mind.
3.  It is done with an awareness of the breath of body and mind.
4.  It affects all the systems of the body.
5.  It helps in maintaining all over health.
6.  It helps in building muscle tone.
7.  After doing yoga we feel energetic.
8.  Yoga can be done by anybody.
9.  Yoga makes our body flexible.
10. It strengthens our bodies.


1.  The whole purpose is to create a beautiful body and muscles.
2.  Nothing to do with the mind in the Gym.
3.  It affects the skeleton muscular and circulatory system.
4.  After doing Gym we generally feel tired.
5.  It helps to lose weight speedily.
6.  It is not for everybody.
7.  Flexibility in the body is less in the Gym.
8.  It needs a proper place and equipment.

Both Yoga and Gym used to build strength and stamina. Its a choice of a person what he wants to do.
To stay healthy and fit you can do Yoga or Gym.

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