Wow! Finally a good news is here

The whole world is suffering from coronavirus. Life has finished because of this corona. People are unable to go for their jobs. Markets are totally down. No benefits in any of the fields. Children are attending online classes at home only. They are sitting in front of the laptop for 5-6 hours. Physical activities have gone somewhere. Children can not move out to play. It is having a very bad impact on their health. Everybody is afraid to buy anything from outside. The benefits of online shopping have also been reduced. People can not go for a walk. Everybody is sitting at home and trying to save themselves from coronavirus. IT employers are doing the work from home only. But till what time this will go on. For how many days we have to be at home only. No answers are there.

Now everybody is waiting for the vaccine of COVID-19 so that life can run smoothly.

Now there is good news about the corona vaccine. COVID-19 vaccine trials have started in India.
Human trials have begun at three institutions and PGIMS Rohtak is one of them.
Trials of the drug named Covaxin are being conducted at PGIMS, Rohtak.

The other trial vaccine developed in India is Zydus Codila's Zy Cov-D.
The trials are being conducted and hopefully, we will get the vaccine very soon. In the initial phase of the trial, it has been seen that patients have tolerated vaccines very well. There were no adverse effects. They hope that antibodies should be produced in human trials.
This is very good news that the results are coming positive.

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