Vikas Dubey : A Gangster or A Contract Killer

Vikas Dubey living in Bikru village in Kanpur. He is a murderer of 8 members of the police and 3 officers of UP police.
In 2001 also at the time of Mr. Rajnath's government, he killed a minister of BJP.
More than 60 cases were there against Vikas Dubey.
When the police came to know that he is there in Bikru village then they tried to arrest him or encounter him.
Police have also make alerts to nearby stations. They reached at Bikru village by a late night at 
 1:00 a.m.
But the persons under Vikas Dubey started firing when police reached over there.
How they came to know that police were coming. Vikas Dubey had put some cameras or some person has told him.
This is a very big question mark.
Now Vikas Dubey had run away somewhere else. Police were enabled to caught him.
What will be the next step of the police?
What will Vikas Dubey do?
So many questions are there to answer what will happen next?

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