What has happened to Debendra Nath Roy?

Debendra Nath Roy was an Indian politician. He joined BJP in 2019. He was doing his work nicely.
Now today it is very shocking to say that he was found hanging. Now another suicide in 2020.
What is the reason behind this?
What has happened to him?
His family is saying that it is not a suicide, its a murder. Again a mystery of suicide or murder.
His family is sure that its a murder only because the way in which he was found hang was very different.
They want CBI investigation against this murder or suicide.
Till now Sushant Singh Rajput case is also a mystery. The police didn't solve it until now.
What is going on?
What is the police doing?
Again suicide cum murder as we can say.
If it is a murder then who did this and if it is suicide then what is the reason behind this?
All are secret till now.

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