Want to be healthy,then eat this.

As our ancestors used to say that
" Sharir changa to sab changa"
"Sharir swasth to man swasth"
But in today's time what should we do to fit our body. At this COVID-19 time, everybody is sitting at home. No physical activities are there. Children are sitting in front of a laptop for 6-7 hours. They can not go outside to play. Outdoor activities are totally closed now. Nobody can go for walk also. Everybody wants to save themselves from the coronavirus. The people who have to go out on an urgent basis taking so many precautions. This a very peak time going on and we have to stay home. From the last 3 months, we are sitting at home. Official work is also going on from home only. It has a very bad impact on our health. Everybody is afraid to go out. Our routine has totally changed. Markets are totally down. No profits in business are there. Life is full of tensions. Nobody is taking care of their health. Children are getting bored. It has a bad impact on everybody's health.
Sitting in front of the laptop for so many hours can have a bad impact on the eyes also. Children have become too lazy. Life has become too hectic. No routine nothing is there.
Doctors are trying their best to find out the vaccine of COVID-19. We will get the vaccine very soon.
 But after staying at home how do we care for our health. Where should we go?
What should we eat? So many questions are there.

For this, I must suggest that everybody should eat fruits every day to keep their body fit and healthy.

Fruits are available in different flavors. They are having so many nutrients. Including fruits in your diet reducing the dangers of many diseases, controls constipation, and promotes healthy digestion. It helps to prevent kidney stones, helps to reduce weight, keep our body hydrated.
Some of the fruits and their benefits are:
1. Strawberries : Fight aging
2. Cherries       : Calm your nerves
3. Bananas       : Boost your energy
4. Grapes         : Relax your blood vessels
5. Pineapple     : Relieves arthritis pain
6. Blueberries   : Strengthen your heart
7. Watermelon  : Promote weight loss
8. Oranges       : Protect your skin
9. Apple          : Help resist infection

Don't eat canned food. Fruits come from nature and are low in fats and calories.

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