UP Lockdown - Corona Virus or Vikas Dubey

Cases of coronavirus are rising at a very fast rate. Lots of people have lost their lives. Everybody is staying at home but to earn they have to go out. What steps should they take to protect themselves from coronavirus?
Recently Vikas Dubey's case was also there in UP. Everybody was in a panic condition.
For more details about Vikas Dubey click on the below link:

UP government has announced lockdown from 10 July 2020,10 p.m to 13 July2020, 5:00 a.m.
The government is saying that cases of corona are arising too much so again they have imposed a lockdown.

If coronavirus is the reason then why is there no lockdown in Delhi again?

Reason for lockdown in UP is coronavirus or Vikas Dubey?
Only the UP government knows the reason. What is the truth behind this lockdown?
What steps they are going to take?
So many questions are there.

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