Sushant Singh Rajput : Murder or Suicide

As we all know the very big star has committed suicide on 14 June 2020. But till now nobody knows the reason behind this whether it was a suicide or a murder.
No clues are there till now.
According to his uncle, he can not commit suicide. He was very brave. There were only three people present on that day and they Sushant was hanging with the help of a curtain but on his neck, there was a mark of rope.
Police found a bathrobe belt, torn into two parts, lying on the floor.
The CCTV of his building was not working that night and before the incident, he was playing an online game.
It was suspicious that he didn't leave a suicide note.
Many of his fans were saying that he was having a professional pressure. He lost seven films in six months and some of his films were not released. There was some pressure on him from Bollywood.
Sushant was in a relationship with Rhea but there was a problem between them because of Sushant mental health, so Rhea broke up with him.
But his cousin said that they were about to get married in this year only
There have been changes in Sushant's social media account since his death. His number of followers on Instagram were reduced.
But till now police haven't come to any final decision.
Please find the truth behind his death.

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