Oh No! Is this a problem for us now?

As we all know the whole world is suffering from COVID-19. In some places, lockdown is still there. People can not go for their jobs on a regular basis. The smoothness of the work has gone.
Shopkeepers are sitting as an empty person. The earnings have been lost somewhere. Children's physical activity has finished. They have to sit in front of the laptop for 6-7 hours to attend online classes. They can not go outside to play. Everyone has a fear of coronavirus. The number of patients suffering from coronavirus is raising day by day. Till now there is no vaccination for this.
Everyone is taking precautions but then also too many cases are there. It is very risky for senior citizens and kids to go out.

Till now we have heard that the symptoms of corona are:

1.Mild running nose
2.Sore throat

But now a symptom came into existence that is the symptom of a PINK EYE.

Pink eye can be caused by common cold or by eye flew. There was a case of a patient who was just having a pink eye and was treated normally.
But after 3 days he was having a fever and then he was a corona positive.
Just a pink eye becomes the symptom of the corona.
Please take care stay safe stay home.

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