Oh My God! Spirit of Sushant is talking

We have lost our famous actor Sushant Singh Rajput. He was a very smart person. As per the records, he had committed suicide. But nobody knows the reason behind this. Sushant was a very bright and talented person. He was having no relations in Bollywood. After that also he was able to achieve everything in his life. He was a very good dancer, a very hard working person. It's more than a month that police are unable to find the reason behind his death but the investigation is still going on.

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No one believes that it was a suicide. Everybody is saying that its a murder. Even some Bollywood celebrities are also saying that its a murder. Some people are saying that he was having a depression but anybody seriously knows about the depression. How a smiling person could get a depression problem? How could he kill himself?

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The nepotism is on the top discussion today after Sushant's death. The person having good relationships or relatives in Bollywood can only get success. Sushant was getting success in his Bollywood career and nobody was able to tolerate this. Because of Nepotism only some persons used to feel so much tensed. If a person is doing good then he will not be promoted because of nepotism and a person who is relative of someone and doesn't know anything gets promoted. It's all because of Nepotism. We have lost Sushant because of Nepotism only.

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Nepotism is also there in Bollywood. Some of them are saying it because of nepotism only that we have lost Sushant. He was a smiling person he could not commit suicide.
He was about to get married this year but what happened to him. He used to enjoy his life then why this happened. Nobody knows till now.
Police and CBI are doing their investigation, asking questions to too many persons but till now there is no final outcome. Many people were interrogated for many hours but till now no outcome is there.

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Even super lady like a Kangana said in front of media for Sushant and favored him too much. She is very confident that this is not suicide. She also speaks against some of the Celebrities. She is not afraid of anybody. Even she will return her Padma Vibhushan Award for Sushant. Kangana said that nowadays she is in her home town Manali and asked Mumbai police to record her statement but no one has turned up.
Simi Garewal also speaks for Kangana that what a brave lady is she. She said that Kangana is an inspiration for everybody. Kangana has achieved everything because of her hard work.

Everybody wants justice for Sushant. His fans are also shouting for justice.

Now Steve Huff is a person who talked with the spirit of Sushant and according to him the spirit session was very nice, every word was very clear that Sushant was speaking. Spirits do not have a body but they have a lot of energy.

Steve Huff is a very talented person and he can talk with the spirits. For the last 10 years, he is doing this. He is a very experienced person. He has made a device so that he can easily talk to the spirits. He has received so many emails from Sushant fans that please do justice for Sushant.
Steve believes in love and according to him, Love is the key.

He asked so many questions to Sushant's spirit about his death but the spirit of Sushant said that just leave it.
The spirit replied that he would really like to meet God and now he is in light. He is having wings so he is flying. He is with his mother.
We don't know whether its a true or not to talk with a spirit in such a manner. But we hope that very soon the police will find the reason behind his death if its a suicide and if its a murder then the murderer should be punished.

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  1. He was a good actor we liked his work
    And he died so early because of any reason but i feel that people are using his death as a opportunity to get some likes and views, nowadays every youtuber and every blogger using his name to get attrect .