Is it possible to finish the Nepotism?

Nepotism is an Italian word where 'Nepos' means 'Nephew'. Nepotism is evil. It is a part of corruption. The favoring of relatives or personal friends because of their relationship rather than their abilities. Nepotism means giving an opportunity to someone you know. It is based on favoritism granted to relatives in various fields. It exists everywhere.

A person worked very hard for his interview in a company to get the job but due to Nepotism, his hard work is worthless. A person having relations with higher people of that company easily gets the job without any hard work whether he is eligible or not.

In an award function if someone expected to get the award but didn't receive that because the person having good relations with judges will receive the award.

What should we do to finish the Nepotism?

Because of this Nepotism a child is unable to get admission in school, a person is unable to get the job, promotions are given to favorite people only.
Most of the people are suffering because of this Nepotism.
It is the only cause of tensions, worries, depression.

What is the solution for this to finish off the Nepotism?

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