Is COVID-19 Vaccine out?

As the whole world is suffering from this epidemic. Nobody can go outside, locked in their own home. Kids can not move outside to play. They can not go to school, have to sit in front of the laptop for 6-7 hours.
Now Russia is saying that they have completed the clinical trial of the first COVID-19 vaccine.
First batch of 18 volunteers vaccinated on 18 June.
Second batch of 20 volunteers vaccinated on 23 June.
They have said that the trial volunteers are fit and fine and they will get discharged on 15 July and 20 July.
Now, phase 3 of the trial usually involves up to 3000 volunteers.
They are saying that by the mid of August vaccine will be there in Russia.
But when will we get this vaccine?
When will this happen?
When will the world gets free from COVID-19?

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