Good news in 2020 : Fake or Genuine

The whole world is suffering from COVID-19. Everybody is sitting at home. All the physical activities have gone away. Children's outdoor activities are not there. They are taking online classes by sitting in front of the laptop for 5-6 hours. It is affecting their eyes and health too much. Even for everybody, the physical activities are not there so their health is getting affected too much.
Everybody is confused for shopping also. Even the people are afraid of doing online shopping. Some of the banquets are getting converted to a hospital for COVID patients. Proper arrangements are there, like proper beds and all the facilities that a COVID patient needs. The government has imposed lockdown but this is not the solution of COVID-19. No one can sit at home for such a long time. People have to go out for their earning. In so many countries again lockdown was imposed but this is not the safe step. Corona has made life bored and depressed. The cabs and everything is getting sanitized properly but after that, fear is there. Lots of people have lost their lives because of this virus. Doctors are saying that for children and for senior citizens it is very risky to go out during this time. They have to be safe at home only. Don't move out unnecessarily.

Doctors are trying their best to find vaccines of coronavirus. To some extent, they are getting some positive results but some tests are also left. After all the positive results by doctors, the vaccine will be available in the market. Doctors are expecting that very soon they will get positive results and will provide coronavirus vaccine. Every country is trying its best to find the vaccine.

We have got good news from Pondicherry University that a student has given some home remedies to cure coronavirus. The student named Ramu found a home remedy to cure for COVID-19. He said that mix one tablespoon of black pepper powder with two tablespoons of honey and add some ginger juice. Take it for consecutive five days, it will suppress the effect of the corona. As we came to know that this is also tested by WHO and they proved it right.

But is it true that it is tested by WHO?
Is it safe to drink this?
How much is this drink safe?
 Results are coming to that the whole world is accepting it but till now no results, no information is there.
This remedy is easy to prepare but how long it works nobody knows.


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