Effect of COVID-19 on children

The coronavirus has a very bad impact on everybody including children also. It has killed many jobs and the future of many businesses.
The children's physical activity has been finished. They can not move outside.
They have to sit at least 5-6 hours in front of computers to attend online classes. Every parent wants their child that they should not play mobiles and computers but nowadays the whole work is to be done on mobiles and computers. It is affecting their eyes too much. It is affecting their physical health also.
Before the pandemic, 586 million children were living in poverty across the world. And now the situation is getting worse.
The children who used to get free meals in the schools it has been stopped due to lockdown and because of this, they are suffering from hunger which results in their death.
Some countries have suspended their immunization programs because of this coronavirus. Parents are also worried that the children are not getting vaccines on time and there is fear also among them to take their children to immunization centers.
Seriously it has a very worse effect on everybody.

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